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Dariush's results at the Stefan Mertin's tournament in 2002


Challenge 13x13 :

White (W) Black (B) Results Games


Aya Dariush B+9.5
Aya Dariush B+2.5
Aya Dariush B+24.5
Dariush Aya B+51.5
Dariush Aya W+8.5
Dariush Aya B+4.5


Ego samurai Dariush B+26.5
Ego samurai Dariush B+19.5
Ego samurai Dariush W+30.5
Dariush Ego samurai W+48.5
Dariush Ego samurai W+34.5
Dariush Ego samurai B+9.5


GoAhead Dariush B+12.5
GoAhead Dariush W+7.5
GoAhead Dariush W+17.5
Dariush GoAhead W+14.5
Dariush GoAhead B+0.5
Dariush GoAhead B+1.5


Goliath Dariush B+12.5
Goliath Dariush B+3.5
Goliath Dariush B+20.5
Dariush Goliath B+19.5
Dariush Goliath B+1.5
Dariush Goliath W+21.5


Go Intellect Dariush W+29.5
Go Intellect Dariush W+21.5
Go Intellect Dariush B+29.5
Dariush Go Intellect B+31.5
Dariush Go Intellect W+63.5
Dariush Go Intellect B+25.5


GoeMate2001 Dariush W+9.5
GoeMate2001 Dariush W+62.5
GoeMate2001 Dariush W+51.5
Dariush GoeMate2001 W+9.5
Dariush GoeMate2001 B+39.5
Dariush GoeMate2001 B+36.5


GnuGo 3.0 Dariush B+32.5
GnuGo 3.0 Dariush W+55.5
GnuGo 3.0 Dariush B+8.5
Dariush GnuGo 3.0 W+2.5
Dariush GnuGo 3.0 W+12.5
Dariush GnuGo 3.0 W+1.5


GnuGo 3.2 Dariush W+40.5
GnuGo 3.2 Dariush W+52.5
GnuGo 3.2 Dariush W+2.5
Dariush GnuGo 3.2 B+39.5
Dariush GnuGo 3.2 B+34.5
Dariush GnuGo 3.2 B+32.5


Go Professional III Dariush W+8.5
Go Professional III Dariush W+8.5
Go Professional III Dariush B+1.5
Dariush Go Professional III B+4.5
Dariush Go Professional III B+10.5
Dariush Go Professional III B+34.5


Go4++ Dariush W+59.5
Go4++ Dariush W+18.5
Go4++ Dariush W+17.5
Dariush Go4++ B+29.5
Dariush Go4++ B+25.5
Dariush Go4++ B+21.5


HandTalk Dariush W+16.5
HandTalk Dariush W+20.5
HandTalk Dariush W+5.5
Dariush HandTalk W+8.5
Dariush HandTalk W+11.5
Dariush HandTalk W+0.5


Katsunari Dariush W+19.5
Katsunari Dariush W+43.5
Katsunari Dariush B+5.5
Dariush Katsunari W+1.5
Dariush Katsunari W+44.5
Dariush Katsunari W+8.5


The Many Faces of Go Dariush B+1.5
The Many Faces of Go Dariush W+24.5
The Many Faces of Go Dariush W+55.5
Dariush The Many Faces of Go B+26.5
Dariush The Many Faces of Go W+1.5
Dariush The Many Faces of Go B+20.5


SmartGo Dariush B+22.5
SmartGo Dariush B+20.5
SmartGo Dariush B+22.5
Dariush SmartGo B+21.5
Dariush SmartGo W+7.5
Dariush SmartGo W+4.5


Star of Poland Dariush W+38.5
Star of Poland Dariush B+2.5
Star of Poland Dariush W+9.5
Dariush Star of Poland W+4.5
Dariush Star of Poland B+1.5
Dariush Star of Poland W+3.5


Wulu Dariush W+68.5
Wulu Dariush B+24.5
Wulu Dariush B+16.5
Dariush Wulu B+49.5
Dariush Wulu W+13.5
Dariush Wulu B+48.5

Results : Dariush wins 43/96 games

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Big thank's to Stefan Mertin for his work!!



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