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The game of go (igo in Japan, weichi or weiqi in China, baduk in Korea) is an ancient chinese strategic game, if you don't know it, you can learn the rules.

Dariush is a software that plays go, you can read the Dariush's features and see its graphic interface (screenshots).

On this site you can download Dariush and some go engines, you can read the Dariush's results (at some internationals tournaments) and finally you can access to the Dariush's go links.

Improve your games with :

Display the fusekis of Dariush on the goban (from a small base).
Display the josekis of Dariush on the goban, these josekis are square patterns of size 10x10.
Display white and black territories on the goban, calculated by Dariush, and diplay the score in the statusbar.
Select a rectangular pattern on the goban, seeks all the games which contain this pattern, then displays the list of these games in a new window.

Display numbers (on a scale from 0 to 100) on the intersections corresponding to professionals moves, calculated using a base of 40000 pro games.

60 million patterns! 55% of chances that Dariush displays the move played by a professional!

News in version 6.0 :

You can create games data bases (in an unlimited number and very quickly), these bases are created and managed by the new menu “Database”. You use these bases to find rectangular patterns with the new button :

pro You can ask Dariush 6.0 to display professionals moves, these moves were created using a base of 40000 professionals games. The indications related to the goban are numbers ranging between 0 and 100 correspondents with a “relevance”: a 100 corresponds to a move which has a very strong probability of being played by a pro in this situation, while a 10 or a 20 corresponds to a pro move not truly urgent.

You can read and write games with format NGF, the format of the games of go of the Cyberoro server, which changes to 8 the number of formats recognized (in reading and writing) by Dariush.

You can create multi-sgf files (files with several games of go at format SGF) using new menu “Tools/Join sgf files”. Of the same Dariush enables you to read all the multi-sgf files.


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Last modification : 30 June 2007