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Dariush's features

Dariush is a software which permit you to play go against it or against an external go engine (12 free engines are available here) or against a human player through the servers IGS, LGS or WinG.

It has 7 games levels, is able to play on differents goban size : 9x9, 11x11, 13x13, 15x15, 17x17 et 19x19. It can play with or without handicap (from 0 to 9), knows 3 rules (japanesee, chinese and aga), with or without times limits.

It is able to edit games, to add commentarys and marks at each move and is able to create an infinity of variations (it depends only of the memory available). The number of simultaneous games is only limited by the memory available.

It permits you to learn joseki and fuseki with his librarys that you can display at each moves of the game. You can also display the white and black territories at each moves.

It permits you to create and to use games databases, these bases are used when you search go patterns.

It permits you to improve your games by displaying professionals moves resulting from a base of 40000 games

It is compatible with the "Kogo's Joseki Dictionary ".

It permits you to create problems library, to resolve problems and to load problems from the internet : here for example.

It can open and save games formats : .go, .mgt, .sgf, .ght, .ugf, .ugi, and ngf.

It permits you to create and visualize multi-sgf files including several sgf files.

The graphic user interface and the help (not updated) are available in english and french.

Dariush runs on windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP

The minimum necessary memory is 20Mo but we recommend 32Mo for the standart version. The pro version requires 1Go RAM on the other hand for the installation. The minimum CPU speed is 133 MHz but we recommend 700MHz.

Dariush has take part in 13 internationals challenges : (see the results here)

  • Dublin 2001 : 3/7 19x19
  • Stefan Mertin 2002 : 10/23 19x19
  • Graz 2003 : 4/11 19x19, 7/10 9x9
  • KGS April 2005 : 2/6 19x19
  • KGS June 2005 : 2/8 19x19
  • KGS August 2005 : 3/4 19x19
  • KGS Septembre 2005, "formal division" : 2/4 19x19
  • KGS Septembre 2005, "open division" : 2/6 19x19
  • KGS Novembre 2005, "formal division" : 1/11 9x9
  • KGS Novembre 2005, "open division" : 2/6 9x9
  • KGS December 2005, "formal division" : 7/7 19x19
  • KGS December 2005, "open division" : 3/9 19x19
  • KGS January 2006 : 2/7 13x13

Dariush played on server KGS and was ranked 16k in the old ranking system.



Last modification : 30 June 2007